Day 12: Zhanjian to Guilin

We started from our hotel after taking breakfast. We had to search dishes we like among so many dishes which were available in the Complimentary breakfast. Most of the dishes were Chinese and we had to settle with bread, boiled egg and watermelon fruit. We don’t not get any tea or coffee. Coffee available was without milk. Ultimately, I settled for milk which was very cold. Here, the concept of things being hot is not there, most dishes are cold.

The car drive today was something not easy to forget. So much scenery to look around. We were in the midst of mountains, tunnels and clouds. 

We could start at about 10am. Today we plan to travel 625 kms. We were travelling and on the way our guide found a city where KFC was available. We quickly turned from the highway and went to KFC.

Resuming the journey, we were to see the best part of the journey. We saw lots of mountains, tunnels and clouds giving enchanting view. We enjoyed the journey to the maximum.

To our surprise, we found that the Guest House we had booked for next two nights was also in the midst of the mountains and with a small river flowing nearby. We plan to get up early tomorrow and see the sunrise.

The TV is available in every hotel room that we have stayed. But in China, there is no channel which we could enjoy. There are many channels but all are in Mandarin (Chinese) language.  We don’t get Indian channels here.

Guilin is a city in South in autonomous region Guangxi. It is famous for its dramatic landscape of limestone Karst hills. There are two lakes in the middle of the city, Shanhu (cedar) and Ronghu (Banyan) remaining from the medieval era. The population of the city is 4.75 million (47.48 lakhs).

Tomorrow is a rest day. We can take rest in the morning at this special place and then go for sightseeing later in the day.

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