Our Welcome Back to Singapore!

We are back in Singapore, and we have received the most awesome Welcome ever! Very very grateful to family & friends for making this super super special.
I can't even imagine the effort, time and above all, the love that has gone into making the welcome so so special for us!
Here are some pictures that made the welcome so special:
1. Super great welcome at Changi airport with a huge banner!
2. Surprise celebration party - Super thankful to family and friends for making it special, for the enthu, love and time on a weekday evening!
3. A high quality printed book on AMX Paint it Red - from Praveen Mausaji, Reena Mausi, Yogesh Chacha, Vandana Chachi. It has everything about our road trip! - day by day summary of our trip, special moments, pictures and snapshots of the media coverage!
4. AMX Paint it Red Memento - beautifully crafted memento from Moni Mummy with a summary of the trip route and key statistics!
5. Songs and parodies on our 24,586 kms Road Trip!
6. Home made world map cake for Aviv - by Aditi to celebrate his birthday and his achievement of crossing 50 countries mark
7. Artistic, creative and sequential story of our road trip, depicted with 21 different placards with maps and photos from each country we visited! - By Vandana Dayal Chachi.
8. Special gifts for us celebrate and then to frame the memories of our road trip
Super grateful! All of the above was crafted by Pushpa Badi Ammaji, Choti Ammaji, Moni Mummy, Yogesh Dayal Chacha, Vandana Dayal Chachi, Praveen Dayal Mausaji, Reena Dayal Mausi and Aditi Mathur!!
Big big thank you! We can't believe our luck.
My super high lazy coefficient has quickly figured out that it is far easier to do a 24,586 km road trip, than to arrange welcome parties! 🙂

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