Day 9: Rest day at Kunming

The rest day was supposed to be lazy day getting up late and relaxing. We did exactly that and had late breakfast in the hotel and took easy day till afternoon. We decided to make some changes to the itinerary and thought of going further south and go to the southern most point of China. We can then touch Southern most place in China and then reach West most point while exiting China, making a virtual parabola. This would require travel of >2000 kms. before reaching Xian, where Aditi and Avya would join us on next Monday morning. The itinerary was further consulted with our guide Mr. Tom. He suggested few changes which were made. So, tomorrow we would leave for Nanning.

We started in the evening for a MRT ride as per the wishes of Aviv. We went for two stations on MRT. It is exactly like travelling in MRT in Singapore. We walked about 600 metres to reach Walmart. The Walmart is huge and it is in basement. We got some vegetables and fruits and then came out to enter KFC which was next door. We had our dinner in KFC and returned to the hotel. 

It was tiring because the trip involved lots of walking and except for the KFC, we could not get any place to sit. We made full use of the rest day by sleeping early so as to be ready for an early start for Nanning which is about 780 kms. drive tomorrow. 

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