Day 10: Kunming to Nanning

We started at 6:20 aafter the rest day yesterday. We plan to travel 750 kms. The good part is that the highway is very good. 

We stopped at Baise city for lunch at KFC at about 2 pm. On the way we saw train moving on a bridge at a great height. The bridge was connecting two mountains. 

The drive from Baise to Nanning was equally enchanting with good scenery all around. The road is superb. We reached hotel at 6:30 pm and took rest. 

Nanning is the capital city of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in Southern China. It is known as ‘Green City’ because of its abundance of lush subtropical foliage. The city has a population of 40 lakhs (4 millions). The meaning of Nanning is ‘Southern tranquillity’.

A prefecture is an administrative jurisdiction or sub division in various countries and within some international church structure. Prefacture most commonly refers to a self-governing body or area. 

There are three level of Prefactures in China. 
1. Prefacture-level Municipality, 
2. Prefacture-level city, and 
3. Prefactural – level city 

I am trying to write and post blog daily, but normally able to write and post blogs on the rest day. On other days it is late by the time we reach hotel. Then after check-in, settling in the room and taking dinner, there is no strength left to write the blog.

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