Days 53: Leeds to Manchester via Scotland

The team India has entered the semi-final and it has also topped the point table at the league level. Further, South Africa, who has not done very well in the tournament, defeated Australia. This resulted In India vs. New Zealand semi final on 9th July, instead of 11th July. This resulted in change of our travel itinerary. We now plan to reach Manchester today evening and then go to Ireland on the 10th after watching the semi-final on 9th July.

As per our revised plan, we wanted to first go to Scotland and then on return to go Manchester. We however could not get a hotel in Manchester due to the upcoming semi-final match there. We had to book a hotel in Knutsford, a place about 30 kms. from Manchester.

We left Leeds late due to the making bookings as per the new plan and Anupam was busy talking to media and giving interviews. We left around 11 am. We drove to Scotland.

We drove to Lake District first. It was wonderful sight. Lots of lakes to see and it was raining, so the scenery was much better. We then went to Scotland and returned to England. On the way we stopped at Thornthwaite, a village on the way on A66 highway. It is next to a lake and looked beautiful. We then drove to Manchester.

We met Mr. Prantik at Manchester. We all went to Asha’s Restaurant. It was full because that day the city was full of Indians. We then saw a Pizza restaurant. We took dinner there. After dropping Prantik, we drove to Knutsford, a place about 30 kms. from Manchester where we had booked the hotel.

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