Day 54: World Cup Semi Final : India vs. NZ

This is an important day. It is semi-final match between India and New Zealand today. We started from hotel at Knutsford. Just before we were to start to see the match, we got a message from International Cricket Council (ICC) that they are giving passes to all four of us for semi-final and final matches. It was a great gesture by ICC. May be, they had seen the BBC Sports online interview where it was mentioned that we want to see the matches, but we don’t have tickets. We had got hold of two tickets through Rachit, so, initially only Anupam and Aviv were going for the semi-final match. We all then opted to watch the match at the Old Trafford cricket ground at Manchester.

We reached stadium, got the passes for ICC Hospitality and then reached the seats just in time for the first ball of the match was to be bowled.

One lady from ICC came and informed us that she would like to take our interview during the Drinks interval. As it started raining, a team from ICC came and took our interview. Slowly, many people sitting near our seats came to know that we are the same people whose interview had come in BBC Sports online. Many people took photos with us. Suddenly we felt we have become celebrities.

The match was moving smoothly. When New Zealand were at 211/5 in 46.1 overs, it started raining. We all waited and waited and waited, but the rain was spoil sport for the whole day. It was drizzling and raining on and off throughout the day. Ultimately, the umpires decided to call off the day. There is a Reserve day tomorrow for this match. The match would continue tomorrow from the stage it stopped today. It looked India was in good position.

We returned to Knutsford. This means we change our travel plans again. Tomorrow we have to watch the match in cricket ground at Manchester and we can leave for Ireland only day after tomorrow.

After the whole day at the Cricket stadium, we all were very tired and slept as soon as we reached hotel and took dinner.

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