Day 58: Rest Day at London

Today it is virtually a rest day. We will have to enquire about the shipment of the car to Singapore. The agent for shipment who was supposed to handle our shipment of car was not replying to the mails./messages and even the contact through the agent in Singapore did not yield any response. So, it became clear that the only way out is to find a new agent for shipment.

We got up late and Anupam tried to contact agents, but could not contact any one since it was weekend.

In the evening Jaya, daughter of Mr. James of Rajkot, came to meet us. She and her husband could find time to come to meet us, though they had gone to meet someone >100 kms. away from London. On the way back, they came to meet us.

It was one of the most memorable meeting we had on this trip. She had even brought one old photo taken around 1988-89 of Anupam, Jaya, her brother Jenson and Akanksha. Jaya was only 2 years old at that time. It did not look like she was meeting us after such long period. Her husband is equally jolly and took part in our conversations. We talked about our Singapore to London trip and other common interest talks. They had dinner with us and went late in the evening.

Tomorrow is the Final match of the World Cup. Anupam has received message from ICC that our passes will be available at the window and we have to go to window at Lords ground and pick them. We plan to leave by 8 am. We can not take our car as the parking will be difficult near the stadium.  

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