Day 57: Ireland to London

Today is a long day. We plan to return to England by ferry. Then we plan to meet Raghunath mamaji in Nottingham and then meet Reema in Newbury near London and then reach hotel.

We took the ferry from Dublin at 8:05am. This ferry was much bigger. It had 9 decks and the No. of vehicles that could be transported in this ferry was also much more. This ferry had 3 Restaurants on the deck where we were sitting. The facilities in this ferry were much better than yesterday’s ferry. We reached Holyhead port in Wales at 11:45 am.

We then proceeded to Nottingham. On the way Anupam felt very sleepy as he was having insufficient sleep for last few days. He took a power nap at a fuel station in between.  We reached Nottingham at about 6 pm. We spent one hour with Raghunath Mamaji. He was very happy that we had met him.

We left Nottingham for Newbury where Reema stays. Reema had prepared dinner for us. She is daughter of my friend Satish. As we know each other well, we had a great time at her place. Her daughter Anika and Aviv played as if they knew each other earlier. We had tea and Samosa first followed by full fledged dinner. The best part was Samosa first and Gulab jamun as sweet dish. After leaving Singapore we were getting these two delicacies for the first time. We left Reema’s house well after 12 midnight. We reached the hotel in London at about 1 am.

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