Day 49: Amsterdam to London

Today is the most important day of our trip. We will reach London as per our plan on 4thJuly, 2019.

The distance is >500 kms. We will go by Euro tunnel where the car will get into the train and we will cross English channel. We also have border crossing from France to UK at Calais.

We left Amsterdam around 11 am and the travel up to Calais was about 365 kms. We crossed one country, Belgium, before getting into France. We reached Calais around 4:15 pm and got the tickets for Euro tunnel for car and persons. We cleared the French immigration and then UK immigration. We got the train at 6:20 pm. The travel in the Euro tunnel was an experience by itself.

The buses entered first, then the cars were allowed. In one bogey three cars are allowed. There was a gate between two bogies and the gates closed one by one as the bogies get filled. We were advised that we should not get down and stand between the vehicles. We could sit in the car and see from the windows of the bogies. It took one hour to reach Folkstone, UK. We drove the car out of the bogey. There was a ramp to climb and then proceed towards London. We reached London 8:30 pm at Richa’s house where Richa and Akshat were waiting to receive us with poster welcoming us, in hand. We have done it!!! We reached LONDON on the 49th Day of our trip. HURRAY !!!

Akshat and Richa had arranged a nice Indian dishes dinner and we had good time at their house. They also gave tickets for two persons for India – Sri Lanka match on 6th July. It was very affectionate of them to have given their tickets to us. We are much obliged.

We reached hotel in Heathrow at about 10:15 pm.

The journey was smoot. The immigration was quick. They hardly took time.

Tomorrow we are scheduled to first give interview to BBC Sports around Lords Cricket Ground and then proceed to Leeds where we will be received by Star Sports team at our hotel.


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  1. Hello,
    My name is Isabel and I work for the Cricket World Cup.
    We love your story and would love to get in touch about today's Semi Final. Please can you respond to this and let me know how I can get in touch.
    Many thanks