Day 40: Sight seeing at Saint Petersburg

Today is another rest day. We plan to shift from the guest house. We had booked for two bed rooms in the Guest House for yesterday night and tonight, but it turned out to be guest house with one bed room. We booked another hotel in the city for today.

We took an MRT from the station Avtov, which is very beautiful Metro station. It is ranked high in the Metro stations in the world. We went to the centre of the city and took a feel of Saint Petersburg city. We had our lunch at Burger King and returned to Avtov station. We had parked our car near the Avtov station.

The Metro is good. It gives you a feeling that you are travelling in Mumbai local train. The stations are much better. The stations have lots of stairs to climb. The Metros are built deep under the ground. One has to go down or come up by stairs. Main stations do have escalators. I feel the people in this part of the world have habit of climbing stairs. I remembered Singapore where the MRT or for that matter all the places have three options for climbing: 1. Stairs, 2. Lift and 3. Escalator. For short climbing, there are ramps also for wheel-chair users.

We shifted to the hotel. On the way to the hotel, we found a Super-market. We did our shopping for groceries etc. from the Super-market.

This hotel was very comfortable. The best part was that it was having small kitchen with Oven, Microwave in addition to the refrigeration and other facilities.

We plan to sleep early as tomorrow is a border crossing day and >400 kms. drive. We will be entering Finland on our way to Arctic.

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