Day 35: Samara to Penza

Today it was comparatively lighter day as we plan to travel about 400 kms. We took it easy in the morning and left from hotel at about 12 noon from Samara.

The journey from Samara to Penza was not very smooth going. The highway was single lane throughout. The scenery was hardly worth mentioning. The only difference from Kazakhstan was that there was more greenery in Russia. We had passed desert and semi-desert areas In Kazakhstan and the adjoining areas in Russia. So, this stretch of land was green and there were trees also. But the area is not inhabited. There was hardly any cities in today’s journey.

Penza is a city and administrative centre of Penza Oblast. Oblast is a type of federal subject of the Russian Federation. There are 46 oblasts in Russia. Oblast is Federated state, somewhat equal to States in India.

Penza is located on River Sura. It has population of 5.17 lakhs.

We are experiencing a very different situation here. The Russia, being very large country has 10 different time zones.

The following are 11 Time zones In Russia,
1.      Kamchatski Standard Time                           : GMT +12
2.      Magadan Standard Time                               : GMT +11
3.      Vladivostok Standard Time                           : GMT +10
4.      Yakutsk Standard Time                                  : GMT +9
5.      Irkutsk Standard Time                                    : GMT +8
6.      Krasnoyarsk Standard Time                           : GMT +7
7.      Omsk Standard Time                                     : GMT +6
8.      Yekaterinburg Standard Time                      : GMT +5
9.      Samara Standard Time                                  : GMT +4
10.  Moscow Standard time                                 : GMT +3
11.  Kaliningrad Standard Time                            : GMT +2

We are mostly travelling in Western part of Russia.  We will experience only few of the above Standard times. We reached Penza hotel at about 7 pm.

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