Day 24: Kuqa to Kashgar

Today we started by about 10 am after breakfast. It is a long journey of 11 hours. We plan to travel about 700 kms.

Kashgar is in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous region. Kashgar is officially known as Kashi. It is an Oasis city in Xinjiang. It is one of the western most cities of China, near the border with Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan and Tajikistan. As we proceed towards Kashgar the police checking appears to become more frequent and that takes a longer time because ours is a foreign registered car. Every checking involves parking car on one side and then checking of passports of all occupants in the car.

Mr. Tom, our guide in China was immense help as he could talk to them in local language. Without his presence we would have found lots of difficulties, since English is not known to people here.

The scenery was very, very good. There were mountains which appear to be in two or three rows. These appear in different colours making it a sight to admire. There were clouds most of the time making it more beautiful. The mountains were stretching up to Kashgar.

Kashgar is a very old city, with history stretching up to 2000 years. It was a major stop on the Silk Road. Today it is known for the Kashgar Sunday Bazaar.
We reached kashgar at about 9 pm. We have a rest day tomorrow in Kashgar. After that we start our journey to Kyrgyzstan.

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