Day 7: Luang Namtha to Xishungbanna

The D – Day when we enter China.  From Luang Namtha to Boten the distance is 60 kms. but it took more than 3 hours. We started at 6:20am. The route was mountainous and the road issingle lane. We reached Boten at about 9 am. Last three kilometres of the travel was as if we were in a valley with mountains all around. The road was however, not at made. It was dust all around and the road was also muddy at places, resulting in slipping of cars at times. There were many lorries there as the construction work was going on in full swing. The road was uneven and lots of ups and downs. It was difficult to drive and it took great driving skills of Anupam to manoeuvre with success. 

It took around 45 minutes to complete formalities at Laos exit border. We continued our journey to China border at Mohan Immigration Check point. At China border, our guide from the Nova Tour, Mr. Tom was waiting for us. We met him after the immigration. 
At China border, first we all went through the normal immigration process for individuals. Then the car temporary import formalities were to be completed. Only Anupam (driver) was allowed to go to the car and complete the formalities. 

First the car temporary import documents and customs clearance were done. This means the car was temporary imported in China. We started from there for Mengla after taking lunch and then proceeded to get the vehicle checked technically and then get the temporary car number plate. It took about two hours there. The agency helped in all formalities in Immigration. Mr. Tom would be with us till we leave China. He is also helpful when the police stop the car on the road. He can talk to police in local language and is a good interpreter for us in dealing with any Chinese persons in general. In China very few persons know English. Further the persons from earlier generation hardly know English, but the younger people do know English

At the immigration, we were instructed in Hindi by the machine about finger prints and photograph facilities. This was a surprise to us. 
After getting all formalities done, we started from Mengla for Xishungbanna (or called Jinghong) after 4:45 pm.

The distance of 134 kms. took about two hours. The journey was very good. The roads are very good and infrastructure in China appears to be the best in the world. Xishuangbanna is in Yunnan province having population of 1.1 million. 

We took dinner and slept. 

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  1. Is it compulsory to get a local tour guide in China or is it just because you guys need an interpreter? I.e. Are you allowed to drive freely in China without a local tour guide?