Day 43: At Jukkasjarvi, Sweden

We are at the North part of the world in the Arctic circle. We have stayed in the Ice Hotel. This hotel has room in Ice and other chalets also. We have taken a chalet.

As we are staying in the same hotel, we were permitted to visit the Ice Hotel anytime we want. We went to see the Ice hotel after our breakfast.

We had to wear overcoat and gloves before entering the Ice Hotel. It was all ice there in that part of the hotel. The rooms, corridors and other places in that part of the hotel were all ice. It was not easy to walk there. We have to be careful so that we do not slip.

There were many rooms, each room sculptured by renowned artist from Sweden and from other parts of the world. The hotel prepares such rooms every year during the month from November to March. The artists come and work here. We were told that there are 200 application for making such rooms for next winter. There are some 15 rooms presently. The rooms are designed by different artists for different rooms. They are to be seen to be believed. Everything is made of ice. The Ice House is made every year and the old one is destroyed.

The Hotel and art exhibition are made from the ice from the river Torne. People come and stay in the Ice Hotel. They can sleep in the Ice hotel and they are given special sleeping bag for sleeping. It is maintained at the temperature (-) 5 to (-) 8 degree C.

There was a conducted tour for the residents in the Hotel. First, they showed Ice Factory where they showed us how the ice is made. Then a round for the Ice Hotel with a guide. There is an Ice Bar also inside the Ice Hotel and people were offered drinks from the Bar.   

It looked that we have arrived at a very special place and that we are lucky to have seen such a place.
We took rest later during the day. I completed the daily blogs which were pending for some days.
We planned to start after breakfast tomorrow and we have to travel >600 kms.

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