Day 27: Sary Tash to Osh

Our original plan was to reach Osh by evening yesterday. However, due to inordinate delay in Immigration and customs on China border, we had to stay overnight at Sary Tash.

We started by about 7 am from Sary Tash. We had snow fall last night. It was quite heavy. As soon as we started from Sary Tash, we were surprised. We saw one of the most beautiful places on our journey till now. We were travelling on the road at the height of the mountains. We were on the Pamir Highway, which is second highest motorable road in the world. The drive from Sary Tash to Osh was beyond any description. It was just spectacular.  

We were driving on M41 highway which runs through Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgystan, and is known as the second highest altitude international road in the world (4655m). This is also known as Pamir Highway and is a road traversing the Pamir Mountains. It is only continuous route through the difficult terrain of the mountains and serves as the main supply route to Tajikistan’s Gorno-Badakshan Autonomous Region. This route formed one link of the ancient Silk Road trade route.

We reached Osh by about 11 am. We stayed in the hotel taking rest and catching up with the sleep.  
Osh is the second largest city in Kyrgystan, located in beautiful Fergana valley. It is the oldest city in the country, estimated to be 3000 years old, and has served as the administrative centre of Osh Region since 1939. It has population of 2.82 lakhs which comprises Uzbeks, Kyrgyz, Russians, Tajiks mainly.

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