Day 21: Dunhuang to Hami

Day 20 was a Rest day and we really did nothing else other than taking rest. It was tiring in the earlier two days because in addition to the driving we had sight seeing at few places during the day.

Day 21 was a day where the travel was only 400 kms. We decided to start late. We left at 9:15am. Although the travel was only for 400 kms. today, we had to provide additional time for Police checks which are very regular at different points in this province.

The journey was through the mountains and we were in the middle of desert. We could see miles and miles of desert land on both sides of the road. The scenery on both sides was good with mountains far away.

We reached Hami at 6 pm and had early dinner at KFC.

Hami (also known as Kumul) is prefecture-level city in eastern Xinjian province. It is well known as the home of sweet Hami melons. The population of Hami is 5.8 lakhs (0.58 millions). The region of Hami is favourable for the five types of grain: (Rice, two kinds of millet, wheat and beans), mulberry trees, hemp and grapes.

The Turks gained control of this region during the late Sui dynasty. This may be the reason for Turkish being a language spoken in Xinjian province.

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