Day 14: Guilin to Jingzhou

We started at 7:15 am from Guilin for Jigzhou. We plan to drive 730 kms. today. Yesterday
we had found that the air compressor which we have kept with us for filling air in the tyres,
from Singapore, did not work when we were trying to fill air in the tyres. The socket in which
we had connected the air compressor did not work. We could not fill the air in the tyres. So,
for today we had two things to do: 1. To fill the air in the tyres, and 2. To get the air
compressor/socket repaired or buy a new one. We got the air filled on the way when we
stopped for Toilet break. We realised that we need to find a Toyota Service Centre so that
the socket can be repaired/replaced.

We were stopping at a near-by town for lunch in McDonalds. We thought of finding a
Toyota Service centre. We got one Service station about 20 kms. away in the same city.
When we reached Toyota Service centre, we were told that the socket fuse had gone bad
and had to be replaced. They did it. When we requested them whether they sell compressor
for filling air in the tyres, it took them lot of time to understand what we were asking for.
Ultimately, with the help of Translator app, we could convey to them our requirement. They
sold a compressor. They said the compressor which we were having was of high power, so
the fuse of the socket blew off. At the end of about two hours of searching and getting the
compressor we started for our onward journey to Jingzhou.

The journey thereafter was as usual enjoyable and without further hitches. We reached
Jingzhou at 7:50pm.

Jingzhou is a prefecture level city in Southern Hubei in China. It has a population of 57 lakhs
(5.7 million).

Jingzhou is located at the banks of the Yangtze River. This is the longest river in Asia and
third longest in the world to flow entirely within one country. It starts from northern part of
Tibetan Plateau and it flow 6,300 kms. in a generally eastern direction to the East China Sea.

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