15 Road Trip Essentials!

Here are some great accessories to make your road trip fun, safe and comfortable - while creating a memory for life!

1) Google Maps & Apple Maps: I couldn't find any GPS that would cover the combination of 21 countries that we had to drive through. Therefore, my traditional Garmin GPS remained as a "back up" all through. I relied 100% on Google Maps and Apple Maps for the trip. In China, Apple Maps was simply fantastic!

2) New Tyres: I went for Tyres that had good grip, good wet performance, combined with comfort. Michelin Primacy tyres were awesome for my trip. 24,568 kms and not even a flat tyre incident once!

3) Bluetooth Car Tyre Pressure Monitor 

4) Bluetooth ABD2 device to reading error codes, just in case there was a breakdown

5) Car Tyre Air Compressor: To inflate or top-up the tyre in case of minor leaks

6) Standard car tools and emergency puncture repair kit (found one on amazon)

7) Spare oil filter, air filter - needed for the service and oil change in between. I also carried extra engine oil

8) CarPlay Enabled Music System: My one-stop screen for all necessary road trip ingredients - maps, music playlist, receiving calls, etc.

9) Roof top Bag: Without the hassle of setting up a fixed Room Top Storage, our Roof Top Bag was so useful to create flexibility of storage when we needed it

10) Good 4G Data Plan

11) Bungee Cables to secure the luggage: Super super useful

12) A simple log book to keep track of the trip kms

13) Art work on the car: For self-motivation everyday!

14) 220V DC to AC converter: To power up devices like laptops, kettle, etc.

15) Kitchen on Wheels: We will address in a separate post

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