About us: AMX Paint It Red

Our mission is to connect the world through travel and to inspire each other to live our dreams.

Over the last few days, many friends have asked me why did we choose AMX Paint It Red as the name for our expedition and the blog. As we flag off our blog - AMX Paint It Red - lets get to what is the real inspiration behind AMX Paint It Red!

Paint it Red

Since my childhood days, my dream has been to drive and do long distance driving trips - the ultimate dream was to drive around the world.

As I started to live this dream, one road trip after the other, I got hold of a blue coloured world terrain map, without any political borders. Since then, to document and keen an inventory of the road trips, I have been manually marking all my major road trips in red on this blue world map!

Over the years, as the dream started to blossom - one trip at a time - I realized that I had started to paint the blue World Map with small contours of red paint! Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting to you Paint It Red!... with the end goal of painting the world map red!

AMX Paint It Red

Our Equator to Arctic drive is very unique. While we will be travelling >18,000 kms and >16 countries, what is truly exciting is that we will be travelling together as 3 generations! Grandparents, grand kids and we share share the passion, motivation, energy, perseverance and the drive to drive!

In our family, we follow a simple naming convention - you gottabe an AM! As 3 generations, we are all A Mathurs!... - Akhilesh, Anjana, Aditi, Aviv, Avya & Anupam on an expedition together!

AMX = AMs together
AMX = AM Expedition

Somewhere deep within, AMX is also the new transformed version of AM - a version that is inspired to live the dreams to the MAX!  A version that has been redesigned, just as iPhoneX was!

Ladies and Gentlemen, please join me in the Launch of AMX Paint It Red! In accordance with the traditions, I declare AMX Paint It Red open!

Stay tuned in!

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